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Date: 2023/11/07

Author: Tristan Ancelet


Picked up a new ticket. REF-290: Update Colors on Error Cells.

What am I doing on it

Looks like this is to make make sure all "error" colors displayed (as an outline or as text color) are set to be '#fd6c5a'.

What Have I done

After looking through the layout xml's I see that all of the errorColor's were all set to '#fd6c5a' manually, while '@color/text_error' was defined in colors.xml

After working on it a bit I poked at my lead (Bobby) to see what the scope of the ticket would include, as I did start going through and manually started changing errorTextColor in each layout that was needing to have it changed (from manual to the global color definition).


What I have left to do

I have to test the app and try to get to each individual section to test that each change has actually changed the colors in each area.

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Bobby Whitley Team Lead