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Who Am I

I am Tristan Ancelet, an aspiring technologist. I enjoy working with both software and operating systems. I work as a Systems Engineer in my day job for Acumera (a MSP). In this job I work alongside a team facilitating automated deployments for customers at the edge. We do this by leveraging Puppet, Jenkins and a host of internal tooling to setup CI-CD pipelines to be able to have reproducible deployments.

What work do I do

Unix & Linux Systems Engineering

As explained above I work as a Linux Systems Engineer, at an MSP.


While I haven't done any professional development I have quite a bit of experience working with programming languages. I particularly like working with scripting languages like bash, python and ruby.

In my day job I use scripting languages to automate portions of my workload on the admin side. I've used scripting languages alongside automation tooling like ansible to automate backups & version control of server configs as well as Cisco & Calix E7 (AXOS) equipment.

Software Projects

My experience with software is documented in a number of git repos. These are stored primarily on GitHub, but going forward most will on my personal gitserver. Many of my projects will likely be privated because they are unfinished (many of which I haven't worked on in many months at this point).

Although I do have some of my favorite projects I've worked on to date (that I'm willing to share):

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