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Date: 2023/11/15

Author: Tristan Ancelet

New Job Offer

The offer

Yea, as the post suggests I got a job offer from another company that want's to hire me as a Linux Systems Engineer.

The Company

The company being Acumera. I had one round of interviews with the hiring manager and one of their engineers. We had a really good time and I rather enjoyed the convo, as I got to talk about all of the work I do for my current company and the tools I've both made and used for work.


I've noticed working and getting job offers is dealing with actually accepting them. I've been working for my current company for about 2 years, and without going too far into it, I've had a really bad time due to lack of support. Mostly due to me being the sole person responsible for my companies infrastructure. I've told them several times that I've needed assistance handling our systems (as we have over 40 and each server is handling their own undocumented legacy applications and services. I do not have the time in the day to handle both admin and engineering duties. It has been over a year of this and honestly I can't take it anymore.

Will I take it

Yes I will proabably take it. The new position actually has me doing engieneering work with a team. Meaning I will not be the sole person to handle my workload. It will be shared. While the job will probably not be a cakewalk, I believe I will be able to handle it much better than my current workplace. As I will be doing my work, and not the work of an entire dept.