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Date: 2023/12/17

Author: Tristan Ancelet

ZFS Upgrade Issue


I have an DIY Ubuntu NAS (one of the first few linux installs), and I was having aggravations with the zfs-dkms package that I had setup a couple of years ago to host raided pools for my NAS setup. However, recently during an update I noticed the kernel was updated on the machine to 6.2.0-39-generic which now caused the zfs-dkms to throw errors when apt would run mkinitcpio as the zfs-dkms-2.1.5 module only supported up to kernel 5.19.

While it didn't exactly cause any issues with the zfs installation there was currently (it still functioned fine even with the new kernel). I got tired of it so I decided to compile openzfs from source and install it on my system.

## Run as root
# sudo -i 

git clone

## I was missing a few dependencies but installed them like so
apt install uuid-dev libblkid-dev

cd zfs
## Run the autoconf autogen script
## Run the configure script to build the Makefile

## Build the module to make sure everything goes ok

## Had to add the extra modules to the depmod search ath
## Replace "search" with "search extra" to put the extra modules into the depmod path
depmod_cont="${depmod_cont/search/search extra}"
echo "$depmod_cont" > /etc/depmod.d/ubuntu.conf

## Build and intall
make install

## Run ldconfig

## Run depmod

Other issues

Zpools not importing

Upon finishing installation and reboot I noticed that when the server rebooted it didn't mount the pools on boot. I always had to import them manually zpool import data && zpool import media

I was confused because the configs setup by my dkms installation were still valid /etc/defaults/zfs.

While it took me an hour to figure it out, I eventually figured out what was wrong and why zfs wasn't importing my pools.

the services configured in /usr/lib/systemd/system were setup with the path that bsd/unix would use for the zpool.cache file (/usr/local/etc/zfs/zpool.cache) instead of what zfs was configured with on my zfs-dkms installation (/etc/zfs/zpool.cache).


All I ended up needing to do was change the path's that the service files from /usr/local/etc/zfs/zpool.cache to /etc/zfs/zpool.cache (wherever applicable).

After doing that and rebooting the pools were imported and mounted as they previously had.