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Date: 2024/02/02

Author: Tristan Ancelet


As of today we have presenteed out post-mortem for out time on the Eschelon Project.


I feel like we got some really good experience in the industry (both the good and the bad).

The Good


During out tenure on the project we learned about the development process regarding tickets & QA of features we develop. Part of this process is where the company had prioritized their other more official projects over ours. There is no issue with this, it gave us a bit more context to how we need to handle our tickets going forward and know just how long we should expect to take for QA to be able to test our change and Queue it for build.

The Experience

With this project, there is a lot of good experiences regarding this:

The Bad

The Inital Experience

Initially, I had a bit of trouble learning the codebase. This was mostly due to it having literal years of work and large sections of the codebase not being very well documented. Additionally, we have very little onboarding time (about a week) and were told to just explore the codebase and get familiar with it.

This made it difficult to really get an idea of the codebase before we were assigned a ticket. If it wasn't for my fellow students and my lead I would've likely floundered for my entire time here.


In most cases when getting a ticket they were very unhelpful as they weren't specific to what was required from us as developers. Meerly being vaguely worded and not providing an actual explanation to what we were doing.

This often also had us walking on others toes as some of the tickets were either duplicates or couldn't be done seperately from another ticket (other ticket included the same expectation as the one you were working on).

This happened often enough that it was hard to know if this was going to cause merge conflicts down the line.